About us

 ALZAHIRA GROUP is a group of companies engaged in real estate development and enforcement of housing, shops and parking. The main idea of ​​our company feature is that all residential projects we undertake are built by ourselves, ensuring a guarantee of quality construction and after-sales service for our customers Our headquarters are located in Córdoba.

Since 1992, we have made residential projects of different characteristics, with the project some selected as a finalist in architectural awards, plus the satisfaction of our customers for their originality and quality of construction. We have our own staff both in the technical, administrative, commercial and production area.

ALZAHIRA, has since the year 1,991 built so far has been characterized by the direct implementation of promotions group, Cordoba and Malaga being the major tourist development of its activity.

ALZAHIRA currently has a large portfolio of building works.

ALZAHIRA production systems incorporates the most advanced technologies in the execution of works as well as new media that tend to increase yields and achieve improved competitiveness, make more efficient production systems and meet market requirements.

We currently have the classification of companies WORK CONTRACTORS, with this step we want to start a new activity in the company, as is the recruitment of various works with the Administration, and who do the most significant aspects that so far we have defined are modified:

  • Quality of our buildings, with the experience of work done with rigor and efficiency.
  • Environmental protection and security.
  • Control over the entire production process and meeting deadlines.

Company rankings

  • Group C category all subgroups F
  • Group J subgroup D 01
  • Group 04 K subgroup D
  • Group K sub category B 06